COFASP activities and events

In 2016 we will make a Final Conference 8. December 2016 (sign-up for the newsletter to recieve invitation)

We will carry out 3 workshops as side-events to the Final Conference on the 9. December 2016 – more information will follow.

7. December 2016 (Kiel, Germany): will be a workshop on projects funded by COFASP calls. (sign-up for the newsletter to recieve invitation)

In 2015 COFASP organised a series of Case Studies within the following sectors: Fisheries, Aquaculture, Seafood Processing, and including an additional Case Study dealing with EMFF. An important part of the Case Studies has been a series of workshops which have provided invaluable stakeholder feedback:

23-24 April 2015 (Brussels, Belgium): European Seafood processing challenges – Stakeholder Conversation

12-14 May 2015 (Rome, Italy): Regional differences in Aquaculture workshop #1

16-18 June 2015 (Frøya, Norway): Regional differences in Aquaculture workshop #2

23-25 June 2015 (Brussels, Belgium): Regionally-Integrated and Spatially-Explicit Fisheries and Ecosystem Management” (RISE-FEM)

24-25 September 2015 (Tallinn, Estonia): Improvement the influence of the EMFF via the cooperation between the Member States

8 October 2015 (Bilbao, Spain): Mobility and learning tools for human capacity building on the fisheries, aquaculture and seafood processing chain.

Feel free to contact COFASP Management to learn more.

The COFASP database of the research projects is now available at the following address