Projects database

COFASP has a work package with the task of collecting and analysing projects on aquaculture, fisheries and seafood processing funded at European/national level and active in the time period 2003-2013.

The analysis targeted 2526 public funded research projects that have been active in the time period 2003-2013, at both European and National level, carried out by European Countries and/or in the three major FAO marine Areas related with EU (FAO Area 27 – Northeast Atlantic; FAO Area 34 – Eastern Central Atlantic; FAO Area 37 – Mediterranean and Black Sea).
The analysis was performed using the information already collected along with the projects (e.g., Coordinator country, Countries involved, Start-End year, Funding), and the following single criteria or their combination:
– research category: Aquaculture (A), Fisheries (F), Seafood processing (SP), and the cross-cutting A+F, A+SP, F+SP and A+F+SP;
– source of funding: National, European, European/National;
– spatial allocation: Marine area for fisheries projects; coordinator and involved country for aquaculture and seafood processing projects;
– research topic (identified assigning keywords to the projects).

All the data collected and analysed by CNR are now accessible through an online database allowing for easy search of all projects carried out on a specific issue / area. It has also been associated with a public WEB GIS application to allow for visual searching. This online database is currently available at and, if you are able to consult it and check the projects you know, this will be very welcome.
If you find incorrect or missing information on these projects, please update their details using the online updating tool (Update project button in the project details page) or contact Moreover, if you are aware of any other project not listed in this online inventory please contact or use the online tool (New project link in the home page) to insert by yourself this new project.
We would be also very grateful if you could disseminate this message to your colleagues.

Thank you for your kind contribution and collaboration.