COFASP Policy Day (10 Jan 2017, Brussels)

COFASP Policy Day 10. January 2017

(Venue: DG R&I, Covent Garden, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Brussels, Belgium)

Subtitle: Achievements in a marine public-public partnership Development of Strategic Research Agenda, joint calls for funding between member states in Fisheries, Aquaculture and Seafood Processing

At the Policy day the funding partners of the COFASP ERA-NET presented and discussed the main findings and how to utilise these in future policy work and collaborations in the research area.

The first session focused on COFASP achievements in the research funding landscape, and the second session on the societal needs and the policy landscape; addressing needs for future research.

Thank you to all participants, presenters and stakeholders for their contribution to a succesful day!