Second call

IMTA-EFFECTIntegrated Multitrophic Aquaculture for EFFiciency and Environmental ConservaTionFR PT GR ROJoel Aubin
SUSHIFISHSUStainable production of HIgh quality aquaculture FISH using innovative tools and production strategies and integrating controlled slaughter and novel processing methods and cold chain managementPT GR NO FRAdelino V.M. Canario
MARINALGAE4aquaMarine algae as sustainable feed ingredients – improving their bio-utilisation to increase efficiency and quality of aquaculture productionPT NO TR GR IT DK FRLuisa Valente
RAS-ORGMATDeveloping water treatment technology for land based closed containment systems (LBCC-RAS) to increase efficiency by reducing the negative effects of organic matterNO PT DKTrond W. Rosten
ECOASTNew methodologies for an ecosystem approach to spatial and temporal management of fisheries and aquaculture in coastal areasIT RO PT DK GR NOFabio Grati
PRIME TRADEOFFSProcess Integration into Multispecies and Ecosystem models: Resulting ecological, economic and social trade offsDK ES FR DE NOStefan Neuenfeldt