First call

DastmapDevelopment of an identification method for and a genetic assessment of Danube River (and Black Sea) sturgeon stocks as a prerequisite for sustainable fisheries and conservation managementDE RO TRKlaus Kohlmann
MicStaTechWater treatment technology for microbial stabilization in landbased aquaculture systemsNO DK DEOlav Vadstein
GOFORITIntelliGent Oceanographically-based short-term fishery FORecastIng applicaTionsDK TR IS ROBrian MacKenzie
MICRO-FeedMicrobial raw materials as source for protein and EPA and DHA for use in aquafeedNO DE IS TRJahn Petter Johnsen
SAFEFISHDISHImproved microbial quality and safety of fishFR NO ISFrançoise Leroi