Third call


Call publication date: March 21, 2016

Pre-registration deadline: May 6, 2016

Proposal submission deadline: June 20, 2016

Start of the projects: February 1, 2017


The third call is a joint call with ERA-MBT.

A joint call by Marine biotechnology ERA-Net (MBT) and COFASP brings the MBT and COFASP themes closer and will contribute to a better alignment. This makes the networks better positioned to join forces in future activities within H2020 such as e. g. Cofund ERA-NETs and other EU-initiatives. The potential benefit of a joint call is to facilitate new biotechnological approaches and toolbox development, which have the potential to solve challenges and enable innovation within the thematic areas covered by COFASP. Applications are required to demonstrate a significant biotechnology component in the planned research, using elements of the marine biotechnology “toolbox” or research which contributes to the development of new generic tools and/or methods relevant to marine biotechnology within the topics described below.

List of topics

Topic 1: Fisheries stock assessment and dynamic modelling using ‘omic’ methodologies and tools
Topic 2: Genome based approach to genetic improvement of aquaculture species
Topic 3: Explore opportunities for the use of biotechnological tools, including targeted enzymes to develop more efficient seafood processing methods and high value products